Flow Elements

Flow Elements

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Flow Nozzles

Triad manufactures flow nozzles for power generation, chemical plants and refineries, pipeline and off shore gas processing. These nozzles have a variety of application including feed water, steam, natural gas, etc. Triad is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and testing of PTC-6 Flow Nozzles for final feed water flow and condensate measurement applications. We  manufacture these nozzles in wall tap, throat tap or corner tap configurations. These items can be purchased in weld in, holding ring, and flanged configurations. The Triad engineering staff provides detailed design information such as sizing calculations, computerized drawings, ASME code requirements, CE / PED requirements, and other documentation as needed for a particular application. Triad's extensive calibration experience allows us to meet the most stringent customer performance requirements.

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16" 600# Throat
Tap Nozzle

Barstock Flow Nozzle With Divergent Cone

Throat Tap
Flow Nozzle
14" 900# Custom
Flow Nozzles
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